Dream, Explore, Create



"We should think about it..."

Who I am

Tijmen Lindemulder

A creative thinker from somewhere in this world. I dream and think a lot about everything during life, and enjoy the posibilties to free my mind with all kinds of creative aspects. For a lot of things I like to get my hands dirty. I like to experiment with everything to get better and better, so at the end I will be able to come up with a fantastic result.
At the moment I am an Art & Technology alumni, working at JEEN.

A thought;
"Actually we are all a kind of astronauts, we have a mission, but those missions aren't not the final end. I believe, there is so much more behind a end."

  • Dreams

    to dare building up concepts

  • Think

    transfer dreams to thoughts

  • Explore

    by experimenting a lot

  • Create

    with all kinds of programs and handcraft...

Client Client Client Client Client Client

What I Do

Some highlights of the skills I have
Think different.
This is where the dreamers part becomes very usefull. We all have to deal with certain dreams which aren’t reality yet. I like to come up with crazy, usefull beauties to use as concepts.
Use the stuff we have.
Together we explore the world around. But Trail and Error is the most imporant phase by building concepts. It’s a part I really like, crazy solutions are still welcome.
Two right hands.
No, i’m not a two lefthanded computer guy. Besides the common applications I use, I like to solder, carpentry, tinker, and other kinds of using handcraft by creating..
Create together.
Together we are stronger as humans, we have to say that we are not perfect, and deal with all our skills. I like to work together, because the end result can be so much more!


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